Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Just got vaccinated and I’m feeling fucking superior to everyone that hasn’t.

Nurse hit us with a choice: Johnson and Johnson shot – you only take it once and it’s around 60% effective, or Moderna shot – after you take it, you come back in 30 days later and take another and it’s around 90% effective. But me and my family were like, fuck that shit, we’re not fucking driving over here again, so we got the Johnson and Johnson shot, and the regret didn’t even set in until, like, an hour later!

What no one told us until AFTER the shot was that the Johnson and Johnson one was more painful. And I’d have to say that it IS, indeed, strangely painful.

As I sit here, reflecting on the fact that I’ll most likely have to take that shot again, annually, for the rest of my stupid life, I’m gripped by the futility and ultimate meaninglessness of our collective existence. These shots are going to keep us alive for only so long, and poking at the spot on my arm where they gave me the shot stopped being fun, like, 3 hours ago.

FUCK YOU JOHNSON AND JOHNSON YOU REDUNDANT-NAME-HAVING BULLSHIT COMPANY I CURSE YOUR NAME!!! May the greatest misfortune greet you in the form of a giant vaccination shot piercing through your organs and impaling you high over the horizon for all to see. fnord.


lol thanks I own JNJ stock it’s one of my biggest positions.

My pharmacy had two extra doses of vaccine yesterday, I guess they opened a bottle for people who had appointments and then some people didn’t show up. Their loss is my gain, my dad and I got the first dose of Moderna. Still a bit sore but I’m fine. My dad had an allergic reaction to medicine once back in his 20s and he’s been afraid to take so much as a tylenol since, so he was freaking the hell out and I had to calm him down. Apparently he still wasn’t feeling good at bedtime last night. Have yet to check on him today.


Had my AstraZeneca jab last Sunday as the news was breaking about blood clots. Bad timing.

Anyway, the next day I spent in bed. I had no headache or shivers or anything. I was just so tired. Happy to report that this only lasted a day and I was 100% the next morning.


lol, if you needed a plaster after your C19 jab, you had a shit nurse :smiley:


I’m still alive.

My life continues to be fun and busy as hell. Got a very rare three days off in a row starting tomorrow, and I’m not gonna waste it. Gotta do a car swap at some point in the afternoon to get my car back after some insurance shit (fourth time my shitty car has been smashed into…)

Tonight I’m gonna work more on rescuing my old music after the HD crash. It is but a demo thang, but I’ll be happy to have it finished. Can’t seem to convert an old audio file into a wav, but it’s all good. One less song to fuck with!!

I’m also vaxxed the fuck up and am planning to brave the local bar to see my friend play on Sat. It never really closed, so we’ll see how that goes. Haven’t been there in a very long time, sooooo we shall see.


I just got my second dose 2 days ago.Thought I was going to get away without side effects. No issue Wednesday night. No issue Thursday morning. So for the first time in a month I head to the office to do some filing and handle the mail. Soon as my but hits my chair there, felt like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Got through it and got home. By lunch things were sore that I didn’t know could be. Took a nap in the afternoon. Felt better for 15 minutes. Went to bed early last night. So sore I couldn’t sleep. Start sweating. 2:30 AM, I suddenly feel fine, fall asleep, feel fine so far today. I hope it’s over.