Old forums


So my phone has a lot of tabs open in my browser. Wife hates it, but I kept them and was so glad I did since the old site vanished!

These pictures and this thread are owed to the ode to the old forums! Got em show em!


i have a boatload of stuff in storage on all of my drives. once i get furniture i will set up and sift through the past 3 years!!!


@dj0xygen - Dope man! Look forward to it! :metal:t5:


Awesome to see how nostalgic we all are over the old site.

It’s quite a trip to go through the way back machine on it too!



OH MY GOD THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! this archive is beautiful


Yeah it’s nice to see the old bulletin board format from 2006, and remember when we all were pretty stoked about d-blue! haha