Odd coincidence I experienced once (weird vibes) fyi this thread is about (censored) shaped potatoes


Right so I watching the tv and saw a pundit react to something that I might of shitposted on here…not sure if it was a general sentiment on the internet that they were reacting to or perhaps I’m just being paranoid…either way still got a weird vibe not sure why…

Also idmf did not get a holla in case your wondering…

The takeaway from this is that the internet is a small place, and your posts well we all have common sense…you know…


Tinfoil hat mode: on.

Fancy sharing more details?


Wouldn’t be the first time. D_Davis once posted a clip of the singer from Bloodhound Gang saying he liked his stuff


screen cap or it didn’t happen



Im still bot sure what this thread is but I think I like it…


Cable news owned by Amazon got a wiff of our potatoes shaped like dicks thread, and now a “wtf” hashtag is trending on twitter of which amazon owns also, causing outrage because the outrage on social media is putting intelligent life on the endangered species list, and in order to get the protections of the endangered species list all intelligent life have to pay a special tax to amazon…and agree to make compost for amazon…and also Nike is offering a special deal on sneakers to amazon prime members



man it was a good one too.kinda looked like CENSORED swear really.
good and you?


Why fight and get outraged when you can (censored)…I am offfennddd

(Censored) this (censored)…


What was D-Davis’s artist name? I could do some digging…


Dada davros???


Nah, it was Nostradamus something…? Maybe?