Noise Sample Challenge (Deadline Feb 15)


The reason i asked is because hardware can introduce its own noise and artifacts and whatnots when playing back the source so it sounded like a grey area to me, i do understand that on the face of it it should be ok but wanted to get your take anyways :slight_smile:


imo that’s just a strength of using hardware. You processed it with something, and got things out of it others might not, unless they own that hardware and did it the same way (not likely). Bottom line, you started with the same sound source as everyone else. What you do to it, or with it, is what this challenge is all about! You do you! At least, that’s how I interpreted it <3 Like, it isn’t my fault the rest of you don’t (or might not) have a broken Tascam multitrack to record this to and then sample the results from XD that’s just part of how I processed the sound we were given :woman_shrugging: And my 414mkII might not be busted in the same way someone else’s is; more power to them and their thing! <3


I think you’re underestimating what some of us softnerds are capable of. Unintended destruction still exists within the box if you want it to, and some plugz are really shiny.

However, I can’t wait to hear what that broken mayhem actually sounds like


Less talkin’ more doin’

Here’s my take number 2. Resonators meet delay feedback loops. One short session. Mixing is all over the place by default, wall of sound kind of approach.


I was more supporting someone doubting the validity of what they were doing…


Nice work! I love the beats, surely you can expand on that idea and make a banger!


thanks, hope you’ll join this challenge and do something interesting too!


Gonna try turning it into a traditional dance tune. Not gonna be easy! Looking forward to the challenge.

EDIT: Wow this is harder than I expected. I’m using plugins I haven’t used in years. Just making a solid kick drum with that sample is insane.


First draft, very basic, no melody yet.


count me in. this is the perfect concept to tie in with the RateYourMusic compilation track I signed up to make


I’m in, is it too late?


No time limit!


I need a deadline here, it’s the only way I’ll get anything done :poop:


About 6 hours ago. No late penalties though.


Monday or I’ll change your nick back to Kultoooo)))


me too


Alright my fellow broducers,

We need a deadline? Feb 15 it is (3 weeks from now). You really don’t need to finish tracks completely, just get some ideas going and that’s fair enough. Multiple submissions are possible too. No length limit, doesn’t need to be musical at all, go wild, blow up your eardrums, nobody cares (or hears). Show us what you got.

Now the part 2 when the deadline kicks in - we’ll do a voting here and pick a submission that feels the most re-sample-able. The winner’s audio-vomit will become the sound source for round 2! Maybe just a very tiny snippet for a harder mode to keep the “noise” spirit, we’ll see… But we can continue to go deeper with this for sure!

Now, get your asses back in line, open your Fruity Loops/Disableton or whatever kids use these days and just do it™.


Hard mode: I’m using awwdASSity


ben thier dun that