New IDMf

Im assuming that because of the recent website changes and HDD failures that our user accounts and such were also deleted with everything else? Couldnt log into my old account so had to make a new one. Also, im so bummed that all the old repositories of information are gone there were YEARS of helpful tools and tips in the old forums that led to real music being released and without that info the internet is a much sadder place :frowning: Heres to the future tho!


Welcome back. Yes… the old stuff is gone, but this is a recognizable parallel dimension… especially Relic. :grin:

@raidenbeats actually the site crashed because you failed to meet your login quota of one login per month. You ruined the whole thing for all of us and now we have to start from scratch.

But we will rebuild


Yeah i forgot to logon for a bit Dx got busy with my new business havent made music in a while!

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Well done, you fucked it up for everybody, your personal life was too important to login and check on us, the server got sad and broke down.

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Welcome back man! Yeah… sad that everything got sacked, but… we will rebuild :smiling_imp:

So it was RB this whole time…

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I fully believe everything is my fault and if you wanna blame me thats totally ok with me!

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Wtf is even going on with this site. Also I lost all my precious MC points and had to create a new login.


Holy shit

I’m this close to banning you just because I haven’t heard a follow up to Oil and Blood…

Death threats before our first date eh?

I just got some software installed today. Feels weird to be a grown up and actually BUY all of your software instead of torrenting until your computer dies out due to virtual syphilis. Thought about it for a decent time and pulled the trigger on ableton, reason (to run alongside slaved as a modular synth), and some distortion plugs. Already bought a maschine last year and need to learn that thing.

Browsing around for a good audio interface so I can use my amps and pedals as outboard gear.

I haven’t really come up with any idea for music yet. Just fucking around and having fun at this point.