New EP!

Some of you guys might remember my last and first EP I posted here was quite controversial. I am happy to show my diversity and move past that theme altogether.

This is simply electronica, I have worked very hard to learn and understand how to apply lyricism (story / narrative) to instruments and tell a story through song. It took me from writing music that made little musical sense, to being able to complete songs that others can interpret / accept as music they can understand and feel the emotion in.

I have much to learn about what I produce compared to what a mix engineer will finish with. Saying that I simply am not very happy with the first track and probably will never be unless I built it from the ground up after learning a lot more about said topic which I intend to do. I feel it has potential that I may re-visit one day.

First two tracks are bright and bubbly, I am particularly happy with the second track ‘Nintendo days.’ The 3rd and 4th track are much darker.

Just like the first EP, this was mostly an exercise in finishing and publishing work and I hope to do many more.

The EP is called Nintendo Days:

Thanks for listening, any feedback welcome!

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I don’t remember your first EP or why it was controversial here (if it was because it was “pop” fuck all the haters) but I’ll give this a good listen ASAP w/ notes : )

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