Netabel Social Accounts

Hi @everyone,

In the past few weeks we have been getting our socials in order. Please, if you haven’t yet log on and subscribe to our channels. Likes and reposts etc help the label to grow. We have lots to look out for this year!

Instagram: IDMfNetlabel (@idmfnetlabel) • Instagram photos and videos

Soundcloud: Stream IDMf Netlabel music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Facebook: Facebook

Bandcamp: Music | IDMfNetlabel (

YouTube: IDMf Netlabel on YouTube


Discord invite link: We do plan on integrating the forum to the Discord so there is two-way communication between them.


Done & done.

I have no idea how Discord works. Apparently I had created an account sometimes last year but never used it.


Added Spotify profile

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Been following on SC and IG for a while. Subscribed to YouTube link and Spotify today. Also FB… I’m new to FB so IDMf is my 3rd Follow… baby steps. :sunglasses:


it’s just a chat platform. come say hi

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