Musicing while your high as fuck


Share your experience, debate the pros and cons…even smoke a bowl and post the result of your drug induced jam sessions in this thread…


I can’t do much of anything while buzzed or high, unfortunately. All inspiration goes down the toilet and I usually have to stop jamming instead of getting super inspired like everybody else. Drugs just turn me into a spectator for the most part, but the music appreciation goes way up.

On the negative side, it can even make Puddle of Mudd or Phish sound pretty good


Years ago, when I was actively writing music under the moniker Digital Ghost, I was always hella ripped.

I always look back on that music with fondness, as I can remember all of the ideas I was having at the time and really liked the direction I was trying to take things. I still believe to this day that writing stoned gave me a lot of those ideas.

But all of that music was mixed so poorly that it’s almost completely unlistenable. Now, I do believe that a lot of that was an experience issue as well as a monitoring hardware issue. For me, I think blazing then working on music robbed me of my ability (and patience) to make critical choices.

I haven’t smoked for years now, though sometimes I drink. I remember reading an issue of revolver magazine from the mid-2000s where Trent Reznor was talking about being worried that being sober would rob him of his ideas, but it turned out that his concerns were for nothing. I felt had the same concerns, but they also turned out to be for naught. The combination of experience and sobriety has helped me to start producing the kind of music I can be proud of.

Now I write first and have cocktails (or beer) after. so cheers to that.


I have a ton of music from when I still was smoking weed and it’s all pretty mediocre. I had more fun composing while baked, sure, but months later when I would look back on the tunes I had made I was less than impressed. I produce better when I’m sober, which still isn’t brilliant or anything.