[Music Video, Slow Techno] Dollhead - Oil Pool



Nice bro
I like that you video
Nice sound & sounds :grin::grin::grin::heart_eyes:

Nice one, cheers.
I was in two minds about the track, but the visuals really does a service.

Top notch @Dollhead both the video and the track. I especially liked the use of that staticky almost glitch almost white noise as a sort of percussion/rhythm section.

The bookends with the high squeal and the wave sounds was a nice compositional touch.

Thanks for sharing :pray::sparkles:

I was most nervous about the length, But I think I’ve finally learned to chill and let things be the length they are.

Re: Video.
The video was this artist I found online. I find these people and if theiry vibe and style is right, then I hassle them into taking a commission [insert image of Fry from Futurama saying “shut up and take my money”].

I will definitely be hiring this guy again in the future. My one rule is ‘never the same artist twice in a row’; cause that sets precedence, and precedence is usually a bad idea.

It turned out after the video, we had lots of stuff in common. How we structure things we make and stuff.

Wow I like every aspect of it. The Psychedelia. Lo-fi moving colours and shapes. lovely club sideroom stuff


Nice one. A bit like Infected Mushroom. :slightly_smiling_face: