Mixing noise as a tool to use for sound design?

Right so when i searching a vid came up about how to mix white pink and brown noise but i lost the link to the vid…but that is beside the point…

Basically I had an idea to use noise as a tool for sound design…I assume noise colors even though they sound like trash…can be used in rock music or metal to create that heavy sound for guitars and bass.

So my idea is to combine it with synths. I’m sure it’s not new but it’s something I’ve never tried or thought of till now so…

What are your experiences?

My experience is that lots of synths, both hardware and software, include noise oscillators and I use them often to blur/thicken (?) the sound. 100% useful depending on the texture you want. A lot of modern digital stuff sounds ultra clean [edit] so I will use noise here again to “blur” or “smear” the sound but many vintage synths include it to [edit] and you basically get the same effect.

Also super useful for rolling your own percussion sounds.

I don’t know enough about guitars and recording them to comment on that, but yea…I use it all the time :slight_smile: [edit] I imagine it would be similar in guitar tone design.

[edit] Basically you are adding unharmonic content to the signal.


Thank you sir for the quick response and for your help.

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I say go for it. I used to get sounds from those really shity voice recorders and I quite miss it. The results can be quite pleasant


Never a worry. I’m just glad to see people talking shop on the forum. If I have the time I like to try to encourage that kind of conversation. I’m not all that smart about sound design, but a noise oscillator is one thing I do use a lot. Also, made some edits above for clarity.

Also if you are ever looking to make a quick riser and don’t just want to reverse a cymbal hit, turn off a synths regular oscillators and just use noise with a slow attack etc. You can also get some cool artificial wind sounds in a synth this way but it isn’t something I’ve tried in ages.

Also random LFO to noise oscillator amount can be fun.

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