Mixing Multiple Projects

I’m having the most fun, mixing multiple things together. Heh, just kidding.

So, roundabout, I’m having to put x number of projects in the same vein. One trick I’m “learning” is to attempt dropping groups of tracks to different ideas, like drums and perc together, bass stuff together, mid stuff, together, and I write keys alot, so they’re separated, as well.

I even have a chunk of pre-effected audio elements per the channels. No idea where this/that goes, though…

Personal thoughts, ideas?

…you could also attempt taking one or 2/3 elements(tracks) from each composition/song whichever “works” the best. Also filter all the drum stuff to loops or tracks.
…speeding and slowing tracks. They take different space in the audible range and make room for different material. It changes the mood.
…dont use your old stuff, find new samples or make them
…Also dropping anything nonrhytmic with a beat and vice versa is an option, so as nonrhytmic stuff between itself and the same for beats.

What do you think? I hope i understood you correctly.

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