[Metal] Agent Slimepunk - Greatest Hits

Any critique is appreciated

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Definitely some metalcore in here at the very least, lots of double bass. Definitely more punkish chorus vibes though :slight_smile:

@xSANTAxDURSTx cool shit dude, as usual, your riffage and drum programming is always hella fun

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I always say this project is more melodic hardcore-influenced than metal these days, but now I’m just following what the metal guys have pegged me as :slight_smile: . Usually that’s a compliment with those guys.

Thanks for the criticism. Making tracks more varied is one of my weaker points that I try to work on with each release. The impulsive nature reflects how I tend to do things and reveals some obvious deficits in my psyche. Maybe it’s something I can never overcome, but it’s weird what music reveals about your personality sometimes.

I played guitar and bass, but don’t tell anybody that the drums are programmed. My metal cred will be ruined

I always thought of metalcore being breakdown-heavy, but it’s also a cool thought to have some kind of niche over in the corner of metalcore that most people maybe don’t touch on as much.

I don’t know why, but outside of slam, breakdowns really grind my gears

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A lot of your riffs remind of of the golden days of metalcore, lots of the really fun energy and thrashin’ that you don’t hear much anymore. It’s good shit, man.

You’re a riff machine