Melodies and Chords! Videos and Reading Material

Post random things you’ve found on the interwebs.

Videos or articles of someone playing out Melodies and/or Chords for different things.

I’m sure many are like this.

I like to see someone play a part of a song that i like or some type of genre related reference material and gather my own bits from them. I like to play my keyboard for chords and melodies, etc. But I don’t “know” theory as much or rather just like a quick throw in a direction for inspiration.

Anyway, long story short, I’d like to start a thread of random videos related to teaching people patterns, composition-related ideas. Videos are more fun but threads, articles, etc. where people are disucssing different instruments such as bass, guitar, piano, whatever.

I’ll start:

This was pretty neat because of the little 1/2 step. A very neat recurring theme, something i’ve been using in a lot of things I’ve been writing lately.

Additionally, if the link you get doesnt spark you, maybe the associated after videos take you on a ride.

Some guy with a way to memorise basic chords based on recurring patterns.

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No one talks about it, which is strange. But there are finger pads on the guitar, in short, so that it does not hurt to play. I said it, that’s all.
Or you can wrap duct tape on your fingers with paper, which also helps.

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I like that article, not too insane to get into it to gather instant info. Concise to the point you can/would use as a reference when starting a project, even before branching out to the additional types of chords.

That’s actually pretty neat. Good for beginners that haven’t built up the calluses it takes to play more consistently. I remember attempting to learn bass and that was a pain. Shitbwoukd get sore really quick. Would. Be an issue now, if I ever attempt to learn again.

Also, not trying to spam but I didn’t mention this above in the OP, I don’t think.

If any of you have the ability or interest, please add in your own stylistic stuffs. I know stealth makes more house stuff? Maybe electro? Interesting to see a flair homemade from that. And Auto, taking elements of the above post and applying to his music composition.

I’ll admit I haven’t listened to a lot of stealths stuff but when Im around to see Auto post a track I check it out. Always curious how that goes because it feels sparsely composed, which makes me think longer note spacing with a lot of fun effecting. But very interesting. May be more drum oriented on variation?

Sry if I’m pulling away from my original thread thought, just curious.

I love to write things and feel them out writing, even if they go nowhere. Probably my favorite part. Especially when it sits in my brain and is taken over multiple projects. Which I guess are simply new version of something else, just new instruments and ideas while writinf, etc.

Edit - I don’t think anyone is asking but I may make some videos, non-speech about composing. Basics I’m sure but things I’m doing right now, etc. I’m not great at verbalizing theory but hopefully I can show some processes that may help someone newer, starting out.