Making Music with Databending forget about the competition and deadline and share


how is everyone’s progress…


None to report sir! I will get to it soon. :grin:


@everyone two weeks to go…good luck.!!! :slight_smile:


Hahaha. I think there are 5% chances that i will do it. Have some work unfinished, new in plan, always running out of fucking time


Due to life circumstances I cannot oversee this competition…and tbh I have no interest in extending the deadline…so if anyone wants to take it over…or maybe recycle this thing into a future idmf project be my guest…being that I’m not the ideal type of person to oversee this…and also because I have too much going on in my life…at the moment.


Bummer BFK, sorry to hear that. I am going to get working on my sub today. I suggest we leave the deadline as you said (though I personally am against a wall now. :smiley: ) but leave out the “competition” part. We should just enjoy what we all make out of this and leave it at that. my 2c.


ok cool


I am finishing up my track now…anyone else submitting?


K, here it is, such as it is. :slight_smile: For this track I only used databent audio files. I bent two images, shown below, and made several raw imports into Audicity of them to get a bit of variation, and exported those tracks. Into Bitwig they went, where a dash of Blackhole and some freq modulation courtesy of Echobode were applied, as well as a good dose of EQ to shave these audio-bastards into usable signals. The result was, well, industrial drone? Motor noise? Dunno, but is it not ear-killing to listen to. This was a fun project, thanks BFK for the inspiration!

(I believe these are the two pics. the top one for sure. I made a lot of pics. :slight_smile: )


@bfk I had an idea in the works for one of these types of things and I’d love to pull databending into it since you introduced a lot of us to this idea. I’d actually love to see a whole slew of databending varients happening here because there’s potentially a lot you can do with the randomness it brings


Like I said feel free to make it a bb or an idmf thingamagig…as for me I am the opposite of king midas apparently…


Man I feel you, getting ideas off the ground can be hard, and then life happens on top of that. But fret not, this was a really cool idea, I for one had fun working on it, and I am sure it will inspire some future works here. It will certainly change my cover-art game, as I am having too much fun bending images to stop. :beers:


If people still wanna have a go at this feel free to post your databending turned into a track…


I like the main groove there creepo