Lol wikihow of fighting the 3rd future wave of mk ultra :P


I read an article that said the Dems were thinking of giving everyone 2k a month until the Covid thing is over. And it had me thinking if I got 2k a month I would cut back how many classes I taught would super man the shit out of like 3 classes a semester instead of doing the average “good job” teaching 5-6. That would also allow me to further my education in the summer and learn more about teaching writing instead of having to get a crappy retail job for four months.

I was kind of joking in my previous post. I think most people want to work. I’d also probably have lots more time for music which would be awesome.

Also I <3 PKD


I know i made this whole thread for shitposting

Save that fed money dude…put it in something that accumulates interest because inflation.

Pkd has had so many movies made from his short stories and has a lot of material…lsd trips for creativity…but yea I only know of huxley really haven’t delved into pkd stuff yet…I do like Brett Easton Ellis less than zero is good.

Too much stuff to read…would write but I doubt it will be read…might write something anyway.


Also one day I would like to get high whilst watching the X-Files.


Dude, I really wanted to go back and watch it all on Netflx some years ago, but it looked so terrible on a new TV it was unwatchable to me.

(and yea, we are going to try and save most of our TrumpBux. We need a new washing machine and I’ve paid off a few little things and let myself buy some new tracks for DJing on beatport, but it’ll be a nice little emergency fund)


btw happy 420 admin.

Smoke a fatty for all of us who can’t because of jobs and the like


4/20/2020 lol

4/20/2020 at 20:20 (8:20pm)


its 4/20 all month brahs : ) But I’ll smoke a huge one for ya’ll later on haha. Gotta get some work done first.