[Lofi House] James Pingel - Pastor Says

I started on this years ago, actually almost submitted it for the last open genre comp in December 2019 (though it had no vocals back then). Everyone who’s heard it has liked it, but I’ve been tweaking it for two years to get it here. Anyways, I’ve known it was as good as it was going to be for a while, just needed to bite the bullet and put it out.


I remember this from a WIP, not sure if it had vocals or not - nice work on the finished version! It just flows nicely, bassline has a nice gritty sound, but what I like best in this one is the short spacey synth with longer envelopes - I think they were louder before but now it sounds perfect, gives it a lot more depth.

Solid. I like the drums.

A real rouser! interesting juxtaposition of the fiery sermon against the happy synth.

Agree with @metaside about the gritty bass. It adds a lot… a more serious side.

The four on the floor is effective…if a bit repetitive. I was waiting for some sort of variation or surprise in the kick.

Nice work overall… solid and as always from @White_Noise Professional!