[lo-fi hiphop] James Pingel - 260 Beats

I did a lo-fi hiphop song over December and January, liked the way it turned out, so put it out as a free single. Hope some of you like it.

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Sweet!! Def wouldn’t call it lofi hip hop though. I really like the chords and melodies, and the lead sound especially.

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IDK, it’s a bunch of MPC60 samples and 88 bpm, so I knew it wasn’t house and it had some ties to early hiphop at least.

The lead is a really basic saw, IIRC, but it’s going through Eventide Quadravox. I got that on a free deal. It’s a little steep for what I’ve figured out how to do with it at $100, but keep your eyes out and I bet you can at least score it on sale. I have a few other delay plugins that I like, but this one is just something else entirely. You can just take a basic musical idea and this thing will just add so many layers to it. And I’ve only made it sound good doing things in octaves so far, which I put down to me not knowing enough scales and music notation to make anything better.