Livestream Twitch Show - Trick or Treat Fest

Hey dudes, a bunch of local Socal bands are going to be playing from 6-11:30 PST tonight for halloween on Twitch. I did the mixing and mastering for Cosmic Kitten’s set since the drummer is an old friend (actually he’s the one who got me into music production). Cosmic Kitten is on at 11, so they close out the set. I’ve never done rock music before, so it was a really informative project with a tight deadline (I had like 12 hours with this set). I had fun though, and hopefully I did well enough that they bring me back in to work with them again. For tonight, though, there is this.

I’ll see if I can’t get a youtube link or something after the fact for those who want to see it but can’t watch tonight.


I love this.

And there’s the youtube link for you, just went live a few hours ago.