Live visuals?

Does anyone do much playing live and use visuals? I’ve been wanting to create some stuff that is really nicely synced with the music, possibly triggered by midi, but don’t know where to start. I’ve already got Max/MSP and have plans to use it as the master hub, so trying out Jitter makes sense as it would be easy to sync it that way. I have no idea where to start even making images or finding stock video or any of that. How do I learn about what kinds of things I can do and then learn about how to do them?

I digged through that list a while ago and will start off with GLMixer next.

But i need a more potent Laptop for that stuff.

Nice! Thanks for this

Max is a super useful tool for live visuals, especially if you use ableton (?) as you then can run max directly in ableton.
Ive used it for everything from pixelshaders and effects to a full blown “3D model Mixer” with sound reaction.
Where to start depends a bit on what you want to do, and where you come from.
if you dont have any max experience I would do a couple of tutorials and look through the “jitter recepies” on the cycling74 website.
If you dont mind doing some scripting you should look into the "gen~"side of max.
if you dont want to do too much building yourself, you can use the premade “wizzle” stuff (I think they are called like that, its anyway the stuff under the “v” icon in the menu to the left.

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if you are learning max (dont know if you are), a quick tip is that a good place to start is when you dont know how to build something is to google EG:

“video crossfader max msp object name”
then when you find out that there is an object for video crossfading called “jit.xfade” (or whatever its called),
then you can make a new object and name it like that,
and if you ALT+click on that object it will open the help file for it, containing a full working example of how it works with inputs and outputs and options etc.
if you unlock the helpfile you can then copy the whole thing into your project file and just delete what you dont need & replace what you want.

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It wouldnt really be easyer to do visuals in processing in general, rather processing is better at doing certain kinds of visuals, like generative vector shapes and so, but audio in processing is kinda crap, and video in processing is super heavy. also I wouldnt want to be running to many softwares at once in a live situation as -although doable- it tends to become pretty unstable.
But if you are a coder, and want to build from scratch, why not go for openFrameworks?
Then you can do everything from there?

hope its useful!

this forum doesnt let me post more than 3 things but I wanted to add to @Psychotronic that:

actually, it got a lot lighter with the new GL integration of max 8 + the HAP codec.
I have a quite potent windows laptop, but when I only need one output I most of the time use my 13’ macbook which doesnt even have a dedicated graphics card.
works perfectly!

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if you have any java/coding experience (or even if u dont!) the processing programming language is free/pretty cool/relatively easy to learn (lots of tutorials, lots of ppl posting their code on reddit and forums and such). there are also libraries to have it interface with max (through OSC and MIDI) so you could analyze audio in max and send data from the analysis to your processing program. there’s also libraries to analyze audio using processing but honestly max feels, to me, so much more intuitive for audio stuff.

i’ve used it a for a few months and it was easy to pick up, pretty simple to pre-render things or just use it live. i haven’t publicly performed with visuals yet, but i’m working on putting together something for a friend to vj when i eventually start doing dj streams.

granted, with coding you can really only process already-made images or create abstract imagery. if you’re looking to use photos/videos, itd be worth googling around to find stuff licensed under creative commons or something similar (or use really old media…) or even go out and just take photos and videos with a phone camera, or a dslr if you’re lucky enough to own one.

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THanks guys. I had thought about processing as well (I’m a Java programmer during the day), though I guess I kind of liked the idea of having everything in Max. Maybe I could use OSC to communicate between the two and it would be easier to do visuals in processing

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