Leveling up

Have you leveled up recently…

I have…
Been reading certain books to increase my awareness of certain things.
Also learned how to do general contracting(construction)

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I just got to level 28 in December, no new perks to help with the pandemic isolation though, so I’m doing some sidequests to get some extra equipment for that.

In all seriousness, going to be sitting down with my brother and listing some of our first products for sale on Etsy this weekend. We’re going to be doing a 50 US States T-shirt collection, and we have the top 5 by population done, have test units from a printer that we’re happy with, so we’re ready to set up the store. It’s been a couple of months of work to get here and I’m stoked to finally be starting business. I have no idea how sales will be, how quickly we’ll get the rest of the states done, how I’m going to pay taxes for this income (I know if it gets big enough I have to pay quarterly instead of annually, but since my brother and I are both accountants I hope we can figure it out ourselves).

Even still, I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head, and perhaps the best decision I’ve made all year is to start journalling and trying to organize all those thoughts a bit more.


I’m lucky to get a sliver of XP each day, but thankfully over time it adds up. Sometimes I feel like I’m climbing a mountain and I’m nowhere near the top, but at least I’m not still sitting at the bottom meandering. Slow and steady progress is definitely better than no progress at all, so I’m trying to celebrate those small victories as they come and not worry too much or compare myself to others in the process.

TL;DR: Sometimes, life feels a lot like Diablo


Took up the bass guitar again, and the guitar, and the piano, and digital painting, and now the cajon…

I guess you could say I’ve leveled them up, and then did the Skyrim thing of starting over to level some things again :sweat_smile: Better than ever before at bass.


I actually found out that I’ve leveled down. I can no longer handle teaching six classes a semester, at least not with all my other work. Even w/o the gift shop and freelance writing I’d probably still end up grading on weekends.


I had a horrible breakup with a girlfriend.

Hit too many contradictory and negative responses in the dialogue trees so gotta start on a fresh file soon :man_shrugging: