Kewl VST demos that you can basically try forever

So right now I’m in the market for some VST demos I can use for horsing around with, resampling and shit like that. 30-day demos are cool as hell to begin with, but I’m fascinated by some of these that try to spit out noise or just simply don’t save state with your DAW because I’m resampling on impact most of the time anyway, and none of this bothers me at all. Even better is certain demos that allow you to just put a new email address in for an additional 30 days.

So far I’ve had success with cherry audio’s covid19 deal (reactivating modules? yessir) and anecdotally I’ll be able to start a second reason trial after this one burns out, but I need moar of this shit.

Are there any more of these cool ‘try forever legally’ VST’s that you guys know of?

^ That’s not exactly what I was looking for here, but I did mention looking for aggregators in another thread so this is still appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

what exactly are you looking for? im confused, are you lookng for FSU plugins? (“spit out noise”), or are you looking for deals that have legal loopholes to get it for free?

These two come to mind: (you probably laready know those - you can “steal” the plugins on the website) (oldie but some good stuff)

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I’m basically looking for demos with an easy workaround so you can use the shit out of them for resampling without worrying about them expiring entirely and going completely dead after 30 days


oh okay. im pretty sure reason can be used forever by just renewing your demo. there are other limitations, but most of them can be bypassed by using it rewired with another DAW.
that is about the best plugin money can buy :smiley:

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You may already have this plugin, but I’ve definitely resampled Tantra loads of times. Every 30 seconds or so a wave of white noise comes in but it’s easy to work around.

I just was reading an article today about samplers, and apparently these two:

are capable of batch sampling from other VSTs. So maybe you could sample patches you make in demo VSTs and then basically use those patches without any issue? Not sure, I’m an FL user, but I don’t use DirectWave pretty much ever.

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