Jon Gooch (Worship Thread) [Spor, Feed Me]

I know some of you dudes share an adoration for Jon Gooch (i.e. Spor, Feed Me).

For me, his “Valentine” track on his DnB EP was the ultimate. but since this dude has pushed forth into electro/dndb/house hybridity and just nailed everything. He was my reigning influence on heavy bass-tracks before dubstep took over, and then with his “Feed Me” departure, he’s shown once again he’s the ruler of trappy melodic dub style EDM. a lot his stuff could almost be considered electro-experimental.

Anyone else love the fuckin’ shit out this guys tunes? what do you think about his new releases? What kind of genres does this dude cross?

For me, he’s just always been such an influence. His production is insane, and always nails a unique hybrid production style.

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a lot of love for this dude
some favourites:

A few years ago I was awestruck but I feel like that anyone can make similar sounds after watching a few tutorials…as for mixing them and making a solid track that takes years of practice

Seamless on YT pretty much ruined that game…but honestly as far as DnB goes, I haven’t heard anyone play that heavy, heavy neuro shit live in a long time. But I do remember when Spor got into the Feed Me thing, DnB fans were like SO PISSED and Im like…bros and hos…its the same sounds, just a different beat “NO ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FUCK SPOR”


I remember the fallout was huge, yeah haha. And then he came out with Caligo and nobody said shit. Lol. It was after it’s time to really hit a good audience I think, although I love that album.

Tbh I’m glad seamless shared the knowledge, it put an end to that get the latest high price vst softsynth nonsense, and helped everyone up their game, it’s like now people can finally move on and translate the music they hear in their brain into actuality instead of following the latest fad…the funny thing is he probably just read the user manual to supplement his knowledge…
As for spor/feed me he has a huge sound and has made some solid songs I’d say he deserves props…

Yea, not hating on Seamless or Spor…both deserve respect. : )

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forgive my ignorance, what is seamless?

A YouTuber who makes great tutorials. He does a lot of bass music stuff, specifically.

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Seamlessr to be specific

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The guru who demystified a lot of neuro sound design for me and introduced me to the wonders of Harmor. Here are a few (216, to be precise) videos on making fucked up basses:

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i just remembered some idmfer by the name of divercity on the old forum may have actually interacted with spor playing some game minecraft i think…moral of the story…they are possibly out there on the net you never really know who your interacting with…you never know you can inadvertantly open a door or have it slammed in your face.