[jazz funk] Job Interview - a song about taking it too far :)


Hi guys,

This song was published about two months ago, but for starters, to introduce myself to you, I thought it might be nice to present it to you as well. I think lyrics are important, so I printed them below as well. I hope you like it, and I will surely be interested to listen to what you compose, and in collabs with other users.

All instruments played by @Pleudoniem, and they are real, but digitally recorded and mastered :wink:

This song might apply to any so called ‘service’ that I’ve been pestered by lately. Are they really so stupid to think it is doing any good?

Job Interview

He said ‘Please take a seat
We have modern equipment
The top of the bill
Of modern recruitment

Right there on the screen
Is our beautiful bot
She will manage your talk
Tell me, isn’t she hot?

People have sex
Using pictures and deepfakes
And we have Vanessa
Who can do so much more.

I’m here for the job
[Can you specify the question]
I’m here for the job
[Can you specify the question]
I’m here for the job
[What do you mean exactly?]
I’m here for the job
[Please choose a topic

[What do you mean I’m a bot? Could you rephrase that question?]
[We are a great business with satisfied customers]

Soon I quit the attempt
Feeling oddly undone
By the answers I got
From this xml hon

Who’s a stiff digit Lady
So annoyingly pretty,
That I almost forgot
Her dimwitted speech

So I asked about life
And tomato sauce
And her favourite tune
To tease out the dross

And if she had a boyfriend
To be warm to her privates
But she kept on repeating
[I do not understand]


This was fun and interesting! I liked the robot voice samples they made it more real, i think the bass is a bit overwhelming in the mix, and the vocals need a bit more spotlight, but overall 8/10!


@raidenbeats hearing it again, I agree on the bass. SoundCloud does something to the mixes that is not always what I want. I can downmix it a tad. I am heavily influenced by people like Jaco Pastorius and Francis Rocco Prestia, so yes, there is a lot of bass fiddling. The thickness of the sound can be adjusted though. I think a bit of compression can work miracles. Thank you!.

PS. This is half an hour later. Done some tinkering. Is it any better now?


i dont see a link, can you post your soundcloud and ill go listen on the website


It’s right at the top of this thread. It has been sitting there ever since I posted it there, but the SC file it links to has been updated. I don’t think the file behind the top link stays unchanged when you modify the original, does it?

But here it is again:


Such a Hoot… @Pleudoniem

I love the Cheeky Irony in this… we’ve all experienced some form of this interaction… too many times! :sunglasses: