iPad integration?


I work a lot on my IPad, especially sketching… I’m a minimalist when it comes to equipment. I also like the simplicity of Audacity. My main DAW is Reaper… so versatile and user friendly.

I bounce tracks between all three. Input is mostly acoustic but I use some digital synths and sampled instruments.

I love my IPad :sunglasses:


Im starting to think I might be using more often G16 as a sketchpad more myself.


It’s great to start stuff on it, then resample on the MPC


I’m forgetting right now whether it exports midi or not, I think it does. I’m currently charging my iPad to check.


I use GarageBand on my IPad… it exports in all the usual formats. (I’m not sure about MIDI :thinking:… not much of a MIDI user… but I need to explore that more.)

It also integrates seamlessly with Synth One, IMovie and then export to YouTube at a push of the Icon.

I made this video last night in about and hour, from a GarageBand sketch I did last week, using Synth One and one Cello Track from GarageBand Instruments. Made a slide show in IMovie from various IPhone photos taken in my front yard and the park across the street . (the neighborhood has a history of Alien encounters and UFO sightings… Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station is nearby… just sayin’’ :alien:)

@nose once described my music as “…organic and psychedelic…” …Yeah… I’ll take that… and I would add “minimalist.”

Hope you enjoy this :sunglasses:


I tried really hard to like garage band, but the workflow and I don’t get along. I specifically like Grooverider because its a groovebox and that was my first real love in making electronic music though I used a DAW for years before I bought an Electribe.


Groove rider is what I wanted the new Electribes to be…


It is what they should have been. Korg was so fucking close. They would still make a good sketchpad I suppose, but for the money new you might as well grab a used iPad really…


I just picked up a NEW ipad for $250, almost half an electribe judging by what I’m seeing. Not for me though. Should’ve put ipad deals in my sales thread. Next year I suppose…


Well, what did you want for that kind of money.


The same as when I pay for other synths of similar price on either platform?