Imma stand on my soapbox and preach


here is a soapbox.

Todays passage will be from Assholes 32:14 verse 15-10949

Is it to be shall with fence hence forthcoming of it to be an absolute with thy own correlation it shall be not an absolute. For the absolute has been absolved of it absolution thereby granting freedom for absolutes and will. For it is thy wil that shall be an intellect that shall engage in the with thyself of thy own coming strobe. For it is thy life to self assure absolutistic insurance of altruistic nihlistic desire of thy own free will.

It is from choice that an galacial passage shall be redeemed by the spreading of the coupons. For thy coupons shall be recieved on the day of friday of the black whereas the chosen shall ascend with their coupons to the promised land. Bequeathed from the sacred groupon via cashapp.

It doesnt have to make any sense for there is no sense to make. Cherish and spread the coupons onto your fellows. For the coupons are a sacred. By sharing your coupons you will get more coupons to give coupons to others via couponing.

pbj with you as you shall onto pbj with others

vote for pb&j 2022 and 2024


ok sounds like a plan