If anybody wants some IDMf Merch (these are available at printing-cost)


I made this profile on redbubble. There’s ZERO profit margin, literally all of designs are stock cost of the site, but I’m going to order some as I need a decent thing to front on a shirt these days, so what better place to rep than this. (these designs are basic as fuck, I’m really just making them for fun)

I’m only posting this to share of the designs I myself am going order, just for fuck it’s sake

Also has the stickers enabled. Again, I’m not making anything from this, it’s as cheap as the site makes them.

Might do some more at some point, I"ll keep this thread updated

Just posting in case any of you homies want to swag around promoting the place (kind of) :slight_smile:


one two ra%2Cunisex_tshirt%2Cx1000%2Cfafafa_ca443f4786%2Cfront-c%2C195%2C210%2C315%2C294-bg%2Cffffff


This is a cool idea