IDMf0XX: Collaboration Compilation (Aka: Date Night) Submissions now open!


This is getting really exciting!

I say let’s just make a private group for all of us making actual remixes and we all take a bit of leadership. I can start designing some art, even.

So far we have (correct when wrong, just trying to keep a public record) :

metaside X city at worlds end
relic X jbvd493
TVMcC X (open - maybe me :))
Vlantis X city at worlds end (might not happen)
White_Noise X (single and ready to date)
metaside X Qianta
Jazzyspoon X (single and ready to date)
Relix X XiTau
Xitau X (taken but might be open to dating)


Wow yeah this is super exciting!

@nostromer Thanks for the pickup! I’ll give it another day to see if any of the other single types want to get our groove on! Feel so foolish to have such hot dancer asking me to bust out my best running man, and saying gimme a moment…please don’t take offense.

@all participating:

Are we doing remixes, or freshly created diddi’s?


Its all remixes or collabs. No single artist tracks. Gotta somehow involve at least two peeps.


I do have something that I’m currently working on. Now, it’s only 64 bars long, and it only has about 8 elements, but there is plenty of scope. I can’t really do a collab at this late stage, as being hardware/no DAW based, but I can record the tracks separately in the recorder to give someone stems to work with. This would suit someone who wants to do something quite laid back and chilled. It’s at 120 bpm I think. Won’t know for sure until tonight when I set up. At that time I’ll post the track as is, and if anyone’s interested, I’ll record the tracks and line them up. Sorry been out of action for a bit and flu twice since New Year.


What is the vibe like? Could it become house-y/nu disco ish? Might be interested. Id probably want to do something DJ friendly and dance-y?

Ill take a listen tonight if I can. But defo interested in fuxting w some hardware recordings.


I would say that it’s possible, It’s kind of lounge styled house if that makes any sense, as I’m shit at defining genres to by honest.


Sounds great. Ill have a listen tonight or tomorrow…but defo interested!

O.K. Here it is: “Rule Number 1”

Things to mote.

There’s some interference between the vocal and metallic crash. That’s due to the SU 200’s limitations and clips the vocal short in places and changes the sound of the crash when they are played at the same time. You won’t have that as all parts will be recorded separate. The vocal clips are in the public domain , free for all use.

The little melody/riff going on was played in by hand, so the timing moves on and off. I did not quantize it, I never do, as I like the nuance in the music.

There are no FX at all on this bar the ones being used by the JV1010. I’ve enabled downloads, so if you think you might be interested, you can download it and listen to it in the 24 bit it was recorded in through your DAW. Don’t skin up first though, as you’ll probs end up zoning out.