IDMF068 IDMf Retrospective Vol. 2

The IDMf Netlabel is honored to present our 68th release

Released - 25th May, 2024

The IDMf Netlabel continues to honor our history with the release of our second installment of the Retrospective series.

Retrospective Volume 2 is the mark of an incredible foundation for the label, showcasing our favorite tracks from Between the Silence and the Story (IDMf010), 80Hz Sacred Surplus (IDMf034), Sounds for Skeletons (IDMf039), Beyond the Listening Booth Vol.1(IDMf025), The Black Fog EP (IDMf031), Are We Dead Yet? (IDMf050) and many more. You can hear many different styles and sub genres in this mix yet there is a flow, smooth as liquid that binds them all together on this refreshed compilation. All the tracks were remastered at Millenium Mastering in Sydney, Australia and the work Darren has done to breathe new life into these tracks is unparalleled. It was a lot of fun working with him in the studio, hearing it all unfold in real-time!

Track List

  1. tuneboxii - Ciència i Ficció
  2. Morpion - The Alchemist’s Dream
  3. Fidelium - God Tank
  4. RFJ - Cincuenta
  5. Sourone - Making Every Promise Empty
  6. Circus of Mind - Jiggawatt?
  7. Anodyne Industries - Body Weapon
  8. CyStemSell - Breathless
  9. Phobik - Pressure Switch
  10. Silent Strangers - Focal Shift
  11. The Soft Greens - Goodnight Tickletorch
  12. Yibbon - Investments
  13. Jazzyspoon - Colder Winter (Aaron Goodwyn Remix)
  14. Atra Aeterna - The Black Fog (IG88 Remix)

@tuneboxii has returned graciously with his track “Ciència i Ficció” (meaning “Science Fiction”). A beautiful brand-new piece for the label. It’s been really pleasant working with tuneboxii these past few months, and we hope to continue to in the future!

IDMf068: IDMf Retrospective Volume 2
Original works composed & mixed by various IDMf artists
Mastered by Darren Ziesing at Millenium Mastering
Cover art - Wayne Baker & Nick Manton
Track list curated by - Nick Manton

Full back catalogue also available at Showcasing the amazing talent the forum holds within and has to offer.


The IDMf Netlabel is an IDM forums community created, ongoing Creative Commons based project
Currently Curated by - RFJ , Manton & Fidelium


Congrats everyone with release :grin::grin::rofl::rofl::grinning:


What a stellar release. The amount of love, care and attention that was put into this, the previous and the rest to come is astounding. Big thanks to @Manton for combing through the catalog and compiling these tracks into a wonderfully coherent release. They sound great and have been completely elevated by the remaster at Millennium.

Long live the IDMf Netlabel.


Damn - I haven’t had time to check the first retrospective yet.

In the Bandcamp wishlist it goes for now :grin:

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I am beyond honored to have God Tank featured on this release, and for it to be given such careful attention with the mastering. Thank you to Millenium Mastering! I cannot believe how good this whole album sounds as one cohesive unit! Thank you so much @Manton for bring this project to life with the love and care that you have. Long life IDMf!

It’s hard to choose a favorite on this one. Love the new choon, @tuneboxii! I will admit that @RFJ’s Cincuenta has always been a personal joy nugget every time it comes on. Phobik’s track hits hard. CyStemCell… I didn’t even know about that one till this release (it came out after my time) and I am blown away by it. Same with Silent Strangers. I f’n love them all… Shit man, this is a great collection we got right hurrrrr.

So glad to see all of these tracks are on streaming services now!

Much love. Long Live IDMf.


Thank you for adding Aaron’s remix! This whole collection is awesome!

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Whoa, the guy on the cover has 4 toes, and a cloud of smoke without a cigarette. Reptilians are real, I knew it

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Not pictured: burning incense somewhere in the room

And ya know what, some people have only four toes. You phalangist bigot!

Screen Shot 2024-07-02 at 1.23.50 AM

I think I see that little piggy cried wee wee wee down there.

To be fair the foot does look weird. You should have seen the first version of this lol