IDMf058 - Open Submissions - CLOSED!


would an extension to the PST midnight help any there @metaside? that is if you feel like burning the midnight oil. :sleeping:


For sure, I was planning on getting it done in 10 minutes :smiley: but it would have been very close and the track would not have made it for quality reasons - still, the track really progressed significantly over the last 15 minutes lol

Always have some midnight oil ready…



Hey everyone, there seems to be a lot of folks who could really use a few hour hours to get a track in, so we have decided to extend submissions until midnight July 2 UTC. Have at it!

Countdown timer:


I can’t house music. :frowning:


Got mine in :slight_smile:


Gonna submit in a second if my track and myself survive the morning-after-test…


Oh badass on the extension. I was hoping you’d take mine a little late. I’ll be submitting on time it seems : )


Sub’d Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll came up with


Been waiting to hear you chime in on this ! :wink: stoked to hear what you come up with.


I actually took my an unfinished tune from my last album writing month and built my sub up from that. It was one of those that kept getting worked on a little and put back in the drawer and finally became something. I need to get better at doing that. I’m actually fairly happy w/ my own work this time lol.


If you have need, please contact the Netlabel Team directly for review of exceptions.

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