IDMf058 - Open Submissions - CLOSED!


reading the IDMf submission guidelines its unclear whether or not I can send a track in that has been mastered.



The meaning of this is for submissions that are not for self-releases, unmastered submissions please.

If you’re submitting music to be released as a single artist release, you can self-master.



copy, thanks!


I think it’s pretty fucking neato when someone submits already mastered tracks with any visual/write ups. I’ve always planned to do my own masters for any album/ep i’d submit for release consideration. (if I could get off my lazy ass and actually do another one… )

Although it’s pretty awesome to hear what other people do when it comes to mastering music. I always learn something and it’s interesting to see whenever I’ve heard my own shit mastered. :slight_smile:

Unless its benwaa doing it. :imp:


I mastered my own stuff recently, but I only did it after taking a long break of a couple of months to work on the videos. But I feel this break really helped, in my own opinion I never mastered as well a track as my last 4 tracks done this way. This system of course wont work for everyone as people wouldn’t want to wait 4/5 months sitting on the tracks they created just so that can forget about what they use to obsessively focus on and master it more objectively.

But just a thought if maybe someone was to block produce 4/5 tracks leave them, block produce 4/5 more, then go back master first block, and do some sort of rolling system like that, it might work for them. I just know if I dive straight in after mixdown, I end up making a load of mix decisions in my mastering session and I end up sucking the life out of the track or going in an endless inefficient circle


Just so the thread doesn’t deviate too much into a tanget, I’ll just make a point that we appreciate self-mastering, just not on community submission releases, and this is only so that the album has a cohesive sound setting instead of every track sounding like it was mastered by someone else.

If you are sending in your own album to release through the label, however, feel free! :smiley:



Don’t miss out on getting a chance to submit your work for our @GuestJudge Spiffy Man to review for IDMF 058, the House Album!


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Submitted a track on the email. Hope you like it:)


FINALLY Submitted my track!

So happy to wash my hands of that. I think that was the hardest mix I’ve ever wrestled with (due to my own fault of badly setting things up early on, which trickled into all sort of problems at the end…took a couple of days to write, but about 2 weeks to mix!)



I threw my hat in the ringer as well, hope we all can make it on the album!


Good job submitters.

I might actually get off my uninspired ass and force out something to see if I can manage a cool melody. Four on the floor is not my forte…


edit sorry jayson I didn’t mean to reply directly.


IT’S CRUNCH TIME! 2 days left to get your tracks submitted for our @GuestJudge Spiffy Man to listen to them!

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Got mine locked and loaded, just need to step away from it for a while and then do the mix again, cause the groove is somehow just not quite there. Will submit before deadline.


“CRUNCH TIME” - always the words that make me open up my DAW.

I needed this encouragement today. I’m not sure why this whole house genre thing is so intimidating for me to break out of my bubble with. lol


Don’t over think your melodies. Most of the best house tracks IMO, are deceptively simple. It is more about the groove (again imo) than complex harmony and melody.


pretty much finished mine, been bashing it out these last couple days. will submit in a bit


submitted! hope yous enjoy


I’m working on something rn for my Sitechain alias - is there a deadline countdown timer? ^^


Well, the gentleman’s agreement is “midnight your local time.” If there are any subs after that point (and I know what timezone you live in. :P) I think we have discussed using a general extension to Pacific Standard Time. We want to be flexible but also fair, esp since we have to get these things wrapped up and delivered to Spiffy Man pronto.


That’s completely fair, but also means that there will be no Sitechain track on this one ^^