IDMf058 - Open Submissions - CLOSED!


The Netlabel is stoked to announce our next project, which will become the labels 58th release!

This time, we are moving into the future by going back into our musical past and exploring……house music!

Yes it’s four on the floor time ladies and gents. A genre that started in the 80s and not only still exists but thrives today in a myriad of styles from deep to tribal to tech to electro-swing and witch house and beyond. There are truly a lot of options available for the curious composer. Just keep it true to the roots and you can’t go wrong.

We at the Netlabel are not ones for same-old fare, and that means we are always looking for ways to spice up these compilations for you all and this time around we brewed up some serious secret sauce:

We are pleased and honored to inform you that Spiffy Man will be our @GuestJudge, casting the final vote on what makes it onto the release!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions should be House music genres.
  • Submissions must be entered by June 30th July 2nd UTC - Extended - Countdown timer:
  • Our guest judge will decide which tracks make the album this time. There will not be a community vote on this one.
  • The number of tracks for the final release will be 10. Order will be decided by the Netlabel team after Spiffy Man makes his picks
  • A separate thread for community cover-art submissions with community voting will follow shortly.
  • One submission per forum member only. If you want to collab, that’s fine, but that is you and your partners’ one submission.

Where to Submit Songs & What Levels to Set & Whether to Master or Not: See Submission Guidelines

About The Guest Judge

Spiffy Man is making his mark in the house music world and beyond with 4 full length albums with a 5th on the way, and several film soundtrack credits to his name. He was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer some questions from the Netlabel team to help you all get to know who will be casting final judgement on your Nu Disco-y, witchy, progressively deep and techy masterpieces:

IDMF: What would you say your biggest musical inspiration is?

SPIFFY MAN: It’s hard to say what my biggest musical inspiration is simply because not one single thing keeps me inspired. All my albums tell stories that tie into one another. I suppose you could say what keeps me going is simply my family and the thought of people truly enjoying what I create.

ID: How would you classify your music?

SM: I would classify my music as Theatrical Progressive House. As I said, each album tells its own story and the way I’ve done this is to imagine I’m writing music that would accompany a film. I create the films in my mind’s eye and write accordingly.

ID: What interests you most in music?

SM: The most interesting aspect of music, to me, is the connections that can be made between people through music. Many of my friends are fellow musicians and producers who I’ve met through the desire to collaborate and critique.

ID: In your opinion, what makes some music “miss the mark”; what do you try to avoid in your music?

SM: What I believe causes some people to miss the mark is mainstream expectations. Many people want to become noticed for their music and sometimes will attempt to emulate a more popular artist’s musical style and that will cause labels and blogs to sometimes glaze over the material. So I’m careful to not try to follow the mainstream flow of music and rather create something a tad bit out of the ordinary.

ID: A lot of EDM artists are their own engineers. When this is true for yourself, how do you juggle engineering and song writing at the same time?

SM: When it comes to song writing vs. engineering, they both come hand in hand to me. It’s odd to say and hard for many to understand but I master as I create. I guess you could call it a pre-master. This is not the same as mixing however, and I do one final overall master at the end of each work to buff out any little bugs. But I want the music to sound as clean as possible and I feel more comfortable writing my music with it being congruently mastered.

ID: Where can folks go to discover more about you and your music?

SM: If you’re looking to find more of my music simply google Spiffy Man. Links to Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Soundcloud and many more sites will appear. It’s very easy to come across my music and I truly hope you enjoy what you hear when you do!

Not enough?
To get to know our guest judge a little better, check him out on the interwebs:



-Your Netlabel Team



very keen for this! im on holiday until the 27th of june but i have been working on a house track for the past few weeks that i can get finished up when i get back


Hey ya’ll. I know House isn’t everyone’s thing here on IDMf, but I’m going to start posting some inspiration for you–really the genre is a lot more than four to the floor kicks and off beat high hats–in fact if it weren’t for some innovative DJs in Chicago who ran out of new dance music to play after the homophobic and racist “Disco Sucks” movement dance music as we know it may not have been born at all.

It is a little cheesy at times but I highly recommend starting here…


Will be diving into the JV’s dance expansion for this, so something old school.


Dunno what Im going to do yet. Defo feeling the high energy stripped down jacking stuff for festival season lol.

That or some a-tonal ish tech house w like found sound type samples.


I started one for this last night, very much an early 90s sound I’m aiming for right now. So far I have some nice synth work down, working on getting the drums and bass to drive like I need them to.


I have nothing against dance music, besides
Who listens to/ makes one genre anyway

Also maybe I’ll submit my boards of Canada tech house ripoff that I’m currently working on


Just throwing out there that we’re also hopeful that we might get a couple new members from the Spiffy Man fanbase out of this.
He has posted about this on his Facebook and encouraged folks to check us out and join up.

Here’s to hoping for some new artists to add to the community! :slight_smile:



went on a another music making bender and finished my track, so consider me submitted…good luck everyone


If the Netlabel Team doesn’t want this here please say so I will delete it. I just came up with quite a lengthy romp through various kinds of house music in a DJ mix and thought some might find it useful–the tunes are all relatively new and pretty much span the gamut except super deep Lobster Theremin type shit… There are some bumps and bruises, I did a practice run then just really went wild (and ingested chemicals for science).

I kinda loose my flow between like 30-40 min…but the mix from 39-40 is a tight ass cut…eh I kinda bulldozed my way through quite a few things actually, but I think that might be of benefit…hopefully there are lots of places where you can here what DJs are attempting to do with tracks and you can add those moments and changes that help us do that. Listen to the good and and bad transitions listen to what worked and what didn’t.

I’d sincerely consider taking into consideration when arranging your track that it won’t be played straight through and I’d say only about 33% of the track will be played on average. You are writing a puzzle piece that has to fit into a bunch of other puzzle pieces you don’t get to hear.

Edit: Netlabel Approved (Jayson)


Hoping to be in on this one too with something a little more modern and polished.

Hoping to, no promises.


I would really love to see people submit a little bit of everything. As I said above…House is more than a 4/4 kick drum and off beat hat.

Booty House anyone?


Ah guys. Im super stoked on this one. If you know any of the LB only crew PM them about this if they make House.



Feel free to reach out to them yourself. I don’t make it that way as often as I’d like, but IIRC you had a few guys in mind back when we first floated this.


Yea. Was planning to :wink:


I think @metaside already hit up all the deep states guys Incase any of them don’t pop in the forum often :slight_smile:

I’m pretty stoked to get out of my element and adapt some of my melody work to a house beat.

This release will be a real fun one :slight_smile:


Anybody remember Triton = no floors that guy made techno, was an old school idmf user…maybe message him this thread


I wouldn’t strictly call this House, but if you want some really old school flava…


A lot of good middle of the road modern house from an excellent Detroit house DJ…music starts at 2:30 b/c tech issue