IDMf058 Announcement!


I’ve spent a few hours tonight trying some stuff out. Not really sure where I’m going with it. Don’t think it’s my thing but we will see.


If anyone needs some inspiration or help this is a great series and lots of house beats:


Might start working on developing something of this release tonight :slight_smile: I have a few concepts… might be hard to escape my breakbeat bubble but I think there’s so much room in “house” that it could be cool.

How’s everyone else coming along?


I had to abandon my first attempt. I have a backup in place, but I really want to do something new for this so I have another groove started, but IDK if that will turn out yet.


Song sounds like this looks.



Mine is coming along…I just hope it is house when I am done. :face_with_monocle:


I’f you’re just having trouble with the bass, make it a mono square wave and call it done.:wink:


Honestly, my main issue is that my poor old computer is having a heck of a time keeping up with Serum existing on 4 tracks with automation.




Time to bounce that mf and switch to SerumFX :wink:


Pfff, I just froze a couple tracks, increased the buffer sample size, slapped the hood down and good to go! :stuck_out_tongue:



I start with a buffer of 1024 samples I think. I use too much Diva for my own good.


I usually use 64, but had to move to 1024 for this one with so much serum and automation on top of it.



Working on something here as well. Some kind of ambient hybrid. Will try out some 909 sounds and old school piano stabbing - try and house it up a bit. Will send it your way if I end up liking the result. Looking forward to hearing what you guys are doing! Happy housing:)

PS: Just noticed that the deadline is out of whack. I assume it means July 1st (since there are only 30 days in June).


Thanks for spotting that!
Corrected to June 30th. :slight_smile: