IDMF on Discord or whatchamacallit


here’s the link to the chat thingy for the forum IDMF’s Discord



Reminds me. I need to poke Fid again. Platonically of course. Not with automatic weapons or penises.


Automatic penises might be ok, though.


Link doesn’t work for some reason. Just takes me to the discord website :\ what’s the actual link? like, or whatever

edit* nvm, I found it on google.


doesnt matter, it wont work, this is discourse. discord is similar, but not this. seems to be a common confusion around here atm


i too enjoy a discussion void of any discord within the discourse.


Me too.


I love saying terrible things on Discord! :hearts::purple_heart::black_heart::yellow_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


repost of what someoneelse shared in the chat lollolololol


that shits weirdly deep


why is this pinned but halfway down the posts?

either way, more of you guys should get on here. We should try to do more voice comms/streams/bullshittery


i just joined. having a look around the place right now



quite a few of us on the IDMf discord daily, come join the shenanigans


this made me laugh today




posting again on here for non-existent hype

(although a good handful of us are on here everyday)


Weekly shitpost bump for people to join :slight_smile:


yay chat about moosic produktion