IDMF Artist Netlabel Release Post


I know the title is pretty vague but hopefully enough to draw you in and see what the thread is about. I also know the catalogue of previous release music, either single or various is pretty long and neat.

I’m curious if anyone that’s still around or newer to the forum is interested in a thread dedicated to X IDMF Artist populating this thread with their works from X release.

The main rule to the thread is that the artist themselves is the only one allowed to post actual links to X track or releases via IDMF Netlabel.

Discussions and such can be had about other tracks/releases, etc but would like to bring a singular thread discussing these things into one. Possibly said artist discussing how or why they made what they made, beat facts about why they titled something what they did. Different media in which that track or release has made it elsewhere visually or remixed…etc etc.

If interested, an admin/mod can rename to something more appropriate if need be. And I do look forward to seeing posts from fellow release members, even though I’ve only ever made VA stuffs.


Metasides xenopsychology release was awesome.

I would of talked about my release but I already sorta went into depth about my process in the thread…when it was released like 2 or 3 years ago.

As for my other tracks on idmf netlabel…I sorta broke down the basics of my processes with my various subpar YouTube tutorials that I’ve made…and made a billion posts about it in the studio section of the forum.

But if anyone has any question for me about my net label tracks I will answer them.


Thank you very much @bfk! Xenopsychology was the first release for which I tried to stick to a slower sound and combine expressive melodies played with my LinnStrument with my usual bass and beat play. All tracks in this I would categorize as chillout music. I started with the melodic elements for all four tracks IIRC. With regard to why I made it, that’s a good question I can only begin to answer, but I wanted to create something slower, chilled and melodic and also wanted to test various types of visuals with the different tracks.

You also released some awesome stuff on the netlabel including the single tracks on VA compis. If you don’t mind @bfk I was wondering about how Higgs Boson on IDMf050 came into being, but of course it also relates to your other work. Did you create the melody first with a beat and atmoshphere like that in mind and then the beat, or did you start with the glitchy stuff with the melody in mind or did both just evolve naturally? I find it very interesting how you play with the contrast of both.

In general, I would also be interested to hear from people how collab projects released on the netlabel came into being, such as the various collabs on the date night compi. Not sure if that fits into this thread, just my $0.02 :wink:


Naturally…the beat for the second half is the first half resampled I forgot what I did…exactly…

The pad is either high attack and release or an arpeggio band pass filter with reverb and I used a pitch shifter vst blending the original reverb treatment along side the pitch shifted one…then slammed with a limiter…the beat is the peak controller trick where I use drum samples as a volume trigger for something granular…I automate the peak controller decay…and the granular stuff…lots of automation…and different sound sources and some gross beat automation…and re sliced it and layered it with the elements of the first half.

And the track is 400 something bpm at 13/8 time signature.

The bass is me doing throat singing pitched down.

I just wanted to make some breakcore idm for a netlabel release.

I compressed each element seperately…and reduced the gain for the master…I had to bounce and freeze some parts of it cause cpu…


Just want to say Higgs Boson is one of my favorite net label tracks we have. Love the melodic elements combined with your trash can IDM glitch composition style. Love it.


Thank you good sir…as for the sample choice I made my own…cause of the whole copyright sample clearance lol…

I was trying to copy xanopticon and aphex twin…

Also It was just like 2 or 3 day session where I just sat in front of my daw…for 2 or 3 days with only sleep and bathroom breaks…

Also fun fact I didn’t know how to make a digital Veatxh type bass at that time so thats why I used my voice

If I spaced out my sessions over a longer period of time for the track it would probably have been a lot more complex.


@RFJ few questions…

Of storybook and sound was that all hardware fine tuned in a daw?..and do you still have the same gear…?


Your track for idmf 50…Cincinuenta…those synths…wonderfully composed…

The vocals mixed well witht the synths…

For the mixing was it just a matter of having the right sounds…or did it take alot of careful eqing?

And how did you get the vocals to be intune with the synths? Pitchshifting…autotune…magic?


As for the idea generally, to keep it organized why don’t we just see if anyone former artists want to do an AMA and we can have a thread for each. Otherwise this will just be chaos/someone would have to but a ton of time into organizing it into something useful.



Storybook & Sound was a software based release that relied heavily on field recordings. The only piece of hardware used was an Audio Technica Condenser Microphone. I used it to mainly record vocal snippets of my kids doing and saying things that I repurposed for use in each track based upon the theme of the song. I no longer have that microphone.

Storybook & Sound was a special release for me as I was just getting my legs on the production front. Most of those tracks represent one happy accident after another that all came together very easily and well, given my overall lack of experience with putting together a proper release. It’s a concept record for anyone who looks at the liner notes and accompanying written material.

That record came out right at the tail end of the often spoke about IDMf hay day. It was a special time for me and compared to what I had done prior to, that release actually did really well and spurred much discussion on the forum given its subject matter.

I have IDMf to thank for that and as such this place will always remain special to me.

Cincuentia from IDMf050 was all software based as well. I really appreciate your feedback on this one. I think the success with the mix just comes from a year spent trying to really focus on mixing and learning my monitoring situation inside and out. No secret recipe except maybe heavy use of Sausage Fattener on the stems and the master bus. No apologies there. :grin:

I’ve actually been asked about the vocals a few times. You might be surprised and slightly disappointed to hear that they come from my second favorite software synth - Exhale from Output. It’s a wonderful synth, second only to Serum which was also heavily used on that track. Exhale makes it easy to get “that sound” and greatly helps getting vocals tuned as they’re actually being synthesized, not sampled at all.

If I remember correctly that track, minus the drums, is about 2 tracks of Exhale and 8 to 10 tracks Serum. All the synth bits / arps I made from scratch, right there in the track, which is another thing that probably greatly helped with the mix you mentioned earlier.

For anyone curious the aforementioned releases can be found here……

And here…


I’m 100% my contribution was forgettable and the description for my release was “it breaks the rules so flagrantly that it has to be compelling” I don’t know what flagrantly means, all I do know is that i was apart of slim picking and that the other artists on that release would have shined brighter. ( Also I want some stems from that shit, it was fukc ing tight.)

Love you ladies, gentamicin and udders.


Nah, I still remember that track, really liked it. Only problem I had with it was that it was too long (IIRC, the original cut was 16+ minutes?). Whatever you did, it all contributed to a wonderful atmosphere that is really unlike just about anything else I’ve ever heard. Which is why we reached out and asked for the shorter edit of just the best parts to put it on the album.

Is it the best mix I’ve ever heard? Nope. Wildest musical ideas? Nah. Technical wizardry? No. But everything about it contributes to that atmosphere (or what my fellow househeads would call “vibe”), and that’s not something I write off. The tracks that jumped out at me during selection for the upcoming forms vol II all did something to create their own atmosphere, but few people do as good a job at it as this. Oh, and I promise you, nothing on Forms volume I or II is there to hit some arbitrary runtime, we had to leave some songs that I personally liked off both because they either didn’t fit or weren’t up to our standards.


That Dr Itchers track was my favorite off the Forms I compilation. Like White_Noise said, it had a very special, unique atmosphere that I still thoroughly enjoy.


Your kind words and criticism emboldened me, but now I feel like an asshole. Thanks, I should avoid wearing my insecurities out on my sleeve :slight_smile:


What was the album or tracks that were revolved around a guitar friend playing parts over? If i remember correctly.