IDMf 50 DJ Mix

Hey everyone, I thought some folks might like to check this out again–this is a continuous, live DJ mix I made of all the tracks on IDMf 050.


the track i did seems like its the odd one out being that the transition is atonal, i’m surprised it even fit in with aaron godwyn’s track

Frankly, getting the whole mix to work at all was a real trick. Certainly enjoyable, but it took some doing.


Have you thought about doing more for different releases? And not even specifically the newest one. Which, I have to say one of my favorite tracks is the one you and Xi Tau did, Naiad. :grin:

Though due to fluidity, I can’t tell if a remix or collab.

And edit - I liked this then and still enjoy it now.

Frankly that track is like 90% Xi Tau. I gave him some bare bones loops and it made into something else entirely.

Ive thought about doing other mixes. I should do one of the techno release maybe. I could improvise there a lot more. It has a ton of tracks too.

Thanks man, appreciate the listen.

If that is primarily Xi Tau, i still want you making Xx. I know you want to build out, into your own version but it would be nice to hear

Jammed this again, it’s been a while. For how diverse all of our stuff is, you knocked it out of the park on the mesh. Really good stuff man, you have some good talent/ears behind the wheels. :slight_smile:

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