IDMF 062 Subs - My YT Release of Tracks sub'd-not sub'd!

So these are 2 tracks that I initially attempted to submit to the release, IDMF 062 Forms. The first track in the video is my final and the 2nd one was my 1st attempt at something. I feel like the 2nd track was more involved but I just loved the 1st one, played, 2nd made more.

Anyway, in regards to the tracks accepted and the release made…Very enjoyable. Good to see that it may be a reocurring project, new artists attached, and I look forward to seeing other people’s stuff, as well. Congrats to everyone involved, before, after, during, the process.

I’m not aware of the number sub’d, but I would love to hear/see/feel what people think is IDM to them. I hope, whether you listen to my linkage, you link your project, if not accepted because, I don’t think it was skipped, only omitted to a degree.

Again, congratulations to the accepted submissions. The people involved. The process and project was fun, even if in a negative spot.