[IDM/Techno/Indus/Post rock] Sons of Achab - Fake Land Memories

Hi! Today I’m very proud to share my first album as Sons of Achab! Lots of the tracks passed by the listening booth thread here, so I want to thank you all for the feedback we got on the tracks :slight_smile:

More details on the album:

After two years of hard work, we release our first album: Fake Land Memories. In this album, we take you to an oneiric journey to the edge of imaginary lands coming from science-fiction works.There, hard rhythms and ethereal synths mingles, to evokes the contrasts of futuristic tales, between progress and dystopia.

Happy listening!


congratulation to you

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Deep stuff! I especially enjoyed Morpheus Symbiosis and River Idaho. All and all it reminds me a bit of Grails or even Liturgy and similar black metal acts.

I didn’t care much for the album cover at all. Especially with the way you described the album here and the nature of the songs, I think it deserves more interesting artwork.

Another thing that will prevent me from listening to this album a second time is that every track except Froid Equateur and Polaris were all exploding. This made me lose track of some kind of storytelling that I always look for when listening to an album.

Well, I know you weren’t asking for feedback but the listen provoked me to share some thoughts.
Congrats on a cool release!

Feedback is always welcome! Thanks.

That might be because all the tracks were written with a live set in mind, the album idea came later. But we liked the fact that it would be spontaneous!

Also, I’ll put on Idmf a live show where we mainly play tracks of this album in a few days.