[idm/glitch] xvf - the paradox of being

idk…tried different things. simple songs with glitch elements. tried focusing more on the composition while still trying to maintain the glitch and sounddesign. lmk in regards to what grade you would give and interested to hear reviews…that is if its worthy of reviews.


I like what you are doing there, the melodies are nice and the glitches sound interesting. But for my taste, the melodic layers and the glitch layers feel a bit disconnected. I really like the moments when you put some changes and developments in, but imho all the tracks need more of that, especially for the glitch elements, but also for the melodic parts. Digging the direciton you are taking in terms of putting more focus on composition and putting some structurre and development in, I think if you do more of that with your glitch elements that might give these pieces much more direction. Just my 0.02€, good stuff!


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

For the first track, I agree wholeheartedly with metaside’s comment. The melodic part is lovely and the developments against the tonal synth in the back at around 2mins onwards in nice - I’d have liked something sooner though. The texture on the glitchy percussive part is nice and the variation at about 2 mins again, is really welcome. I think that the two parts - melodic and synth - lack a little synergy. I LOVE the open grainy synth drop at 3min30, wish that went on forever! That is probably not great advice though!

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