[IDM/glitch/ambient/triphop/techno/etc] Jazzyspoon - Hard Drive Recovery

If this forum still had a lot of it’s original posts from pre-overhaul days, you would find early versions of a lot of these track sprinkled all over the LB. So, thanks for all of the feedback on this one. you know who you are. I got a drive back from a recovery agency and most of the data was retrieved, so I updated a few mixes and threw them on this release. Anyways, free download at bandcamp, though streaming services will still likely charge.
If you like my music, these should feel familiar and welcoming. If you hate it, these will be annoying and abrasive.
Remix files for this release will be stored here: remix files for Hard Drive Recovery




As always, thanks for listening, if you get the chance. :slight_smile:


Nice one. I quite like the superparticle track. The album covers some nit aspects of electronic music

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Thanks, TaleTwist. Yeah, it’s kind of a variety hour of electronic genres, but this a short run through a lot of the styles I started out in under the moniker ‘Jazzyspoon’ back in the 00’s. :slight_smile: Thanks for the listen.

Found some of these tracks in my HearThis feed today - awesome work!

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Thanks, Metaside. Funny, I never think anyone is on HearThis anymore. So glad this found you.

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Some absolute gems in this.

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Thanks, Dollhead. I figured this would get lost in the pile of great music here. Thanks for the listen. :slight_smile:

Just sent this out to the streaming services a couple of days ago, so it should be a little easier to access in a week or so. Working on a couple videos, as well.

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I will check it out…

First glance idk…I have to give a more in depth listen…

Honestly though your mixes are clean your music does reminds me of amon tobin being that it’s so diverse…

Look forward to hearing something new…
Hope you are working on a new release.


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Thanks, bfk. I have tons of new stuff, but by the time I release any of it, it will be considered old stuff. :slight_smile:

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Honestly just bite the bullet and dont worry so much about the new stuff you make…to me it seems that you are a perfectionist but dont worry too much about how your music will be received

Some people will like it and some wont just gotta go with the flow of it.

Even though your old stuff isnt my cup of tea…I can tell that you have some kinda talent…

Hey if you dont mind I’d like to take a shot at remixing some of your old stuff if you dont mind…if you still have the stems.

If not I understand.

If anything my remixes would be basically simpler relatively speaking.

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PIck a track. I’ll send the stems to you in a pm. Anytime.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a perfectionist, as some of my stuff is straight sloppy, but I make the music for me and I have a high standard for the music I listen to, so I guess that is an ‘ist’ of some sort. :stuck_out_tongue: I just never feel like things are ‘done’ in the first year or two of a song I am putting together.

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Send me the stems to recherche redux…

I think It has some elements I can work with.

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Files sent. Anyone else want to take a crack at any of these (or absolutely anything else in my catalog)?

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Remix files for this release will be stored here: remix files for Hard Drive Recovery

Currently, I only have 2 tracks of remix files in there, but I am hoping to make a few more this week.
I am trying to keep the track files count under 10 (24/48k), plus midi, and BPM info so they aren’t so large to work with.

Hey! Always keeping it interesting - never a dull moment in your music!

Thank you for sharing.

I’ve never done a remix before, but the idea of remixing Superparticles has really piqued my interest.

Any chance of stems for Superparticles?


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Awesome! The Holiday has me reeling, but give me a day or two and I will upload the stems. :slight_smile:

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I’m uploading the remix stems for Superparticle now. Go here to find them. Thanks for taking a stab at it. :slight_smile:
I had a little more time this evening than I thought.

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@Jazzyspoon - Thank you!

I shall, of course, post it very clearly as a remix of YOUR music. Did you want me to send it to you before I post it anywhere or something?

I don’t know if there’s any such etiquette in these matters!

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Just have fun with it and make it your own. Thanks, psyber. :grinning:

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A friend named Jeff Appleton took the 3 available remix files and made some really nice remixes of them. Thought I would post them here for good measure. If anyone else is up for it or wants another one not in the list, please let me know. :slight_smile: