[IDM, Ambient, downtempo] Welcoming Home (Jazzyspoon RC-3 Remix) -0l1n (wip)


I am working on my 3rd remix release coming out after the Holidays.
Here is something chill to listen to while trying to figure out how to navigate this new IDMf home.
Is embedding a thing here yet?

Feedback is welcome, as this compilation has a ways to go and this mix is not finished yet.


its good but a bit droney, I would of resampled the arpeggiated synth sound that repeats throughout the track and further sequence it so that it helps to evolve the track, instead repeating throughout, also the mono white noiseish thing could be more tonal, i’d eq it and layer it with another sound, also awesome setup by the way


This rules. Nice mix. I agree with @bfk. It feels that track doesn’t meet its full potential yet and isn’t evolving enough. I would add something extra in second half.


Yes that is super trippy Jazzyspoon, right in my alley!
I love it with the vocal around 1:30
I love the synth arp, I don’t know what it is doing rhythmically but I find it really hypnotic.

I agree that it needs some kind of evolution or contrast as interest is gone around 2:30

Hope this help,



Solid concept, good luck with the compilation.

its already been said, but yeah feel like after 2:30ish mark I’d love to hear some more variations.

Thanks for sharing.


All good advice here. Will return the listens. I agree about the 2nd half. The lack of real timecode has made this challenging to me, but I can and will lift up the last half with some switchups.
Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:


Nice one Jazzy, your shit is always tops. I wish I had more feedback to give but it’s really just a pleasant journey. I love the liquidity of it and some of the underwater vibes. Respect


Sound lovely smooth sounds there! The wide, reverberated vocals really top it off.

The slowly granualised sound out to the sides oddly fit if you don’t listen to them specifically.

Some reverb and variations on the snare a key points would really add something IMO.

I agree it is droney, but I think that’s the intent, it’s hypnotic. I like that. As already said, just needs some more subtle progression there.

Keep it up - and nice setup!