I wanted to give away some sample packs


I’ve been spending years recording shit and doing designs, so I finally worked up the courage to just put them on BC and let other people make songs with them, add them to projects, or do whatever they want to do. I use my own weird creations as a basis for my glitch hop tracks, but I’ve already given out a few of these, and in the process I’ve realized that they aren’t really fit for just one genre.

Batch 1 is complete, and there will be way more of these to come because I’ve been cooking up even cooler shit since the upload of these two. Every month when BC reloads my download credits, I’ll be giving even more of them out for free. The BC price tag is just a soft-wall to keep potential dipshits away.

You can preview them below to decide if you want to claim your free copies:

Don’t be fooled by the price tag; just post here or PM me and I’ll give you free download codes for both. I have like 95 to go for this month alone, and I think if you’re logged into BC you get to save them to your collection. If any outsiders pay, I’ll probably just use it to replenish free download codes so I can upload other shit faster and give those away for free, too.

TL;DR: These are free. Post here or PM me and I’ll give you some codes

The URL: https://analogsamples.bandcamp.com/yum - once you get your code, you just have to put it in here.

Beat battle sample packs!

This post is reserved for ‘on deck’ packs; if you see one that speaks to you, let me know and I’ll try to prioritize it

Click for all of the planned packs

Analog drum loops (done)

Glitched samples (done)

Household sounds (done)

Arpeggio oddities

Frozen grains

Electric Guitar loops / licks

Ambient acoustic guitar-scapes

Dark ambient horrorscapes

Deep pads

Absurd granular clouds

Spectral mayhem

Drum loops II: The Electric Boogaloo

Creepy / horror voices

Metal drum loops

Female vocal phrases (my wife signed up for this job)

Djembe drum loops and hits

Singing bowl freq out

Didgeridoo noises

Kalimba loops and plucks

Bass slaps and other bass noises

“Lo-Fi” pack (various textures and things)

Long nature field recordings

Malfunctioning electronics

Tambourine loops and hits

Feedback loop sounds

FM only

Trashed sounds

Racks for Live

Chiptune / "video game" samples