How to flatten frequencies make them more compact

to understand my question here is a picture

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OMG. I think i found a solution is to cut freq’s like on CD , i think i’m right.
Clipper vst.

a compressor will do this as well.


I don’t know how to set the compressor settings so that it cuts the frequencies like this.

There are many ways to achieve this …
Sometimes, a simple Eq will do, sometimes a compressor, a dynamic Eq, a multi band compression … loads of solution …

In this example, i use 1 dynamic Eq + 1 multi-band compressor.
It flattens the high frequencies but therefore keeps a decent dynamic.


Thanks. I’m already figured this question

If you want to know how to set a compressor, this article is very informative :
when & how to use a compressor

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It isn’t really a problem but you can let people keep answering. The threads here aren’t just for individual users. Other people might find the information useful in the future. Let people continue to discuss. : )


You misunderstand the difference between an Eq & a compressor.

An Equaliser works on the Frequency ( Hertz ) domain of a signal, it cuts ( or add ) frequencies.
A compressor works on the Level ( dB ) domain of the signal :

Then, when you know how to work these 2, you can try using a dynamic Eq, a multiband compressor etc etc

Only way for flatten frequencies is like that like cut them is using Spectral Editing
smt like this or that
Compress them in Spectral Mode

A very simple way is to use something like Soothe/DSEQ. If you already have a specific frequency curve that you are aiming for, matching with something like DSM-V might do the trick with minimum effort.

Thanks FFT Rules . I will try Soothe later but what i’ve done is i’m using ReaFir and its compressor makes it too. Makes what i want . :smiley:

Yeah, not using Reaper so I’m not sure how ReaFIR compares to Soothe or DSEQ in terms of sound quality and speed, but it def looks very nice!
Btw, I tested some plugins that can do similar stuff a while ago and went with DSEQ - but tbh a while after that I had a very weak moment and also got me some Gullfoss lol: Automatic resonance reduction (soothe, DSEQ...) and sound improvement (GULLFOSS; Intensity, DSM...)

EQ + Limiter + Compressor is what you need. Izotope Ozone/RX is pretty good to do this.

I suggest working on your mix rather than looking for some instant fixing tools. If you want to flatten frequencies there has to be some sort of frequency content in that band first. If there’s too much going on, maybe get back to your mix and fix it there. Like try gain staging, different layering. Not every track is equal frequency spectrum wise too. You can’t just apply some plugin processing on top that will automatically soundgoodize everything when source material is just not good.

All things mentioned before: Soothe, DSEQ, Gullfoss… All are cool stuff but you can live without those. It’s more like a bonus content for more precise sound sculpturing, especially when it comes to Soothe and DSEQ which seem to be great for resonance reduction.


Limiter…but idk you can use a compressor limiter to turn a sine wave into a square wave…using it to change the dynamics and the sound does yield for interesante resampling results.

Yes, i think something was wrong before because i can’t apply so much proccessing . Then the sound become too compressed .

Def good points, you can’t expect it to fix problems in your mix.

And even apart from that, DSEQ is very flexible for precise sound sculpting with endless possibilities, stuff like Gullfoss is much more limited in terms of the control that you have, mostly just some tonal/bias and strength controls - but for both groups of plugins, they can quickly negatively affect your sound, making it kinda muddy or noisy…
I use DSEQ more surgically, but Gullfoss I like to put on single, group and even send or master tracks to just check what it wants to do with my sound. Can also be interesting to see what it wants to change when doing sound design and effects. But the influence def is not always positive, sometimes really bad and sometimes you think it’s good, but when you come back to it and compare, there’s something missing that you want to put back in ^^

Handle with care and skepticism.

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