How to create room and hall reverb

Plz share some settings or knowledge
For example i have a reverb plugin how much of decay or size or dump or etc i should turn sliders/knobs

Also i know that there are two types rooms one that close and one that far away

I’d say try 10-20 seconds of pre-delay, 3-4 seconds of decay, 85% diffusion level. Everything else you set to taste.

Is it for Hall? so what about room settings ? decay 1 sec?

3-4 seconds and do less if that’s too muddy.

there are 2 rules i think are quite useful, for any other setting, it’s a bit of a personal taste.
1 - more or less pre-delay on the reverb put your element forward or backward on the sound stage.
2 - more or less decay regarding the size of the reverb you want.

i like to gate my reverb so you only hear the tail of the reverb (kind of)
put a gate before the reverb, then send the gating element (kick, snare or any short stuff) to a bus send
so you’ll hear the reverb after the kick, snare or any chosen element.