How do you guys organize your crazy fx and processing?


This is something I struggle with. Once the project reaches a certain size I get really lazy trying to fiddle with automation and processing because of how much work it is to move stuff around, and trying to organize 50 automation clips without getting lost is such a pita.

How do you guys do it? Separate mini projects and bounce it all to audio?


Set your self a timer.


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you better go and download synthedit software and make a plugin


Print to audio + saving “versions” of the project. Like I’ll have “house song bpm 128 key A minor dub echo” "house song bpm 128 A minor “bass filter”. It helps with sticking to decisions too. It isn’t impossible to go backwards but a pain in the ass unless its really worth it.


+1 for committing to audio


Print audio, screw versioning COMMIT! :rofl:


Mostly with Super literal descriptions…

For example…uber bass flangus mod compressor distortion fsu side chain filter wubs.

MixerA - disto…verb…compressor boom
MixerB - filter phase mod
MixerC- (A+B)=(wet ), so (wet)+ dry audio mix
MixerD - Edison record.

Sampler assigned to mixer E
E = post processing…

From there you can get happy by mixing and mashing the various steps of le processes however u want to put it simply.


Just in case you’ve overlooked the basics…

Use Folders… and yes, as others have said, collapse tracks, folders, effects, etc. that you are not working on so you are not tempted to fiddle.

I also find it helpful to listen through the whole thing a few times and take notes. Then, while not listening, organize the notes with some thoughts on what action to take. Then start with number one on your list and FINISH IT! Before moving on to number two… rinse and repeat.

If indeed you are an incurable, incessant tweaker… then … as @Stealth suggested… set a timer…:sunglasses:


If you work in Ableton Live : ALC files is my way to organise my crazy chains.
These files contains a lot of description : fx type, tuning, mood, timing etc etc.
Then, i just drag & drop the ALC on any track, send or return : fast & easy.
In 1 session i’ll create some ALC crazy chain, in an other i’ll create ALC vst sound design.

Most of the time, i drag & drop stuff in my DAW. Sometimes the results are pretty amazing, sometimes it’s just rubbish … i experiment.


I colour code stuff, and then when I run out of colours, I delete the project and play Arkanoid because it’s too hard making music.

It’s really hard now because the Squarp Pyramid screen only has one colour.