How do they make sound

I watched this video and I was wondering how the sound was made in it. Did he record everything on one microphone at once ? Or do you think he recorded the drums separately and then mixed them on the tracks?

umm, that’s how live stuff is getting broadcasted or live bands getting recorded. Vocals - a mic in hand, drums - multiple different mics (for kick drum, snare, stereo overheads, some more direct ones for toms (depends on a preference)), guitars - a mic pointing into amp (electric guitar/bass amp). Then there’s a guy sitting in some other room behind a wall with mixing console and probably having pro tools running while tracking everything down…

edit: recordings sound bad enough so it really feels it’s camera’s feed. But there’s always an option to have a pair of mics sitting somewhere in a room to record a performance in such style.

Well, there are at least two mics being used here–one for vocals and one for everything else. Could be the camera mic is the second one, I skipped around and the sound didn’t change a ton depending on the camera angle. There might be an out of scene boom mic. Doesn’t look like the amps or drums are mic’d from what I can see.

@_ms , @relic Thank You