How do i do generative music in bitwig

I tried doing an arp with an lfo but it just turned into a fast lfo…

I literally need it spelled out for me…to route what into what…sorry.

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I’ve already said this in multiple threads, but you’re going to want to use a lot of S&H, dice roller and chance.

Learn a little about gates, clocks, quantizing (pitch and clock), scaling and you’ll have infinite possibilities at your disposal.

Boolean logic is pretty important, too. Get on it


google generative music bitwig

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I decided to knuckle down and do one of these for @bfk

My version isn’t better than anyone else’s, but I feel like I’ve simplified the process to just a few modules; mostly all of the complicated looking stuff is just keeping everything in minor pentatonic so it doesn’t get too messy. And the scalers / transposers are just allowing me to shift the pitch without it falling out of the scale

Basically it’s just down to gates and pitches, and adding probability to both. Pretty simple, but fun as hell

Also sorry about the clipping, I was too into patching to care about it at the time


You got skills!!!