How align wave to zero but remain the same volume

In sum i understand what my problem is . And in sum it is compressor. So finally i add compression to the mix so my mix sound like i want but there is one problem and my wave now looks like *** you can see on screen. first audio is mine.
In short i have -12 dB and i want same volume but to peak 0. How it can be done??? I want same wave bigger in size but quiter. ??? If i increase volume i get too loud. :smiley::sleepy::space_invader:


Decrease the volume of your speakers.

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This is good advice:)

If your hardware monitoring setup doesn’t allow you precise volume adjustment, insert a small analogue mixer between the main sound source and your studio monitors/speakers.

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That’s a pretty solid mix/master judging by the metering numbers. I wouldn’t change anything. Just leave the headroom.