[House/Pop/Eclectic/Funky] by the sole relic From The Abyss Dance Backwards (Live DJ Mix)

Some blips here and there, not trying to be too hard on myself just trying to have fun and get back in the groove as I haven’t recorded a proper DJ mix in like a year I think? An interesting mix of cheese and deep cuts…maybe heavy on the cheese after a bit…lol

Track List

Torbio “All That I Need” (feat. Sharin)

Bart Gorio “This is Side” (Original Mix)

Realcyclers “Kvikk Lunsj” (Original Mix)

Greg Street “Smell Your Dick” (feat. Riskay)

Block & Crown “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” (feat. Francis Goodman)

Patawawa “Wires” (Hot Toddy Disco Dub)

Bad Boy Bill, Brian Bochner and Milty Evans “Funky Music” (Original Mix)

Lookee “Somebody to Love” (Original Mix)

Gorillaz “We Got the Power” (feat. Jehnny Beth) (Claptone Remix)

Anthony Attalla “Galactica” (Original Mix)

Ben Delay “To Be Free” (Superdope Mix)

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Really rad selection, I have to get these tracks soon. Thanks for posting the playlist dude

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Thanks man. Yea, even though its a short mix I think I’m going to come back to this track list and make sure I nail all the transitions. There is at least one that is a pure trainwreck if I’m honest lol The only track I had trouble finding was the Greg Street/Riskay tune. Was able to buy it on Amazon Music.

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transitions are for the weak, but nah, all my fav djs make some really cool music and sometimes they even have hiccups, like fourtet with his analog decks, and dj fuck off. it’s about the substance of that transition.

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Yea. Most of the older dance music/dj crowd I still hang w are on team taste over technical ability.

If I was truly embarrassed by this mix I wouldn’t have posted it :smiley:

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