[House/Future/Downtempo] James Pingel - The Things You Hear

I decided to make this the single off the album I’ve been working on and off on since last August and move beyond my tiny focus groups to see how it goes. I submitted it to spinnin’ so yeah you get that link to help my rankings there. I love IDM forums btw, but I feel like if I did a release with the netlabel right now it’d kinda be like getting a loan from my parents (me being like a quarter of the approval process and the rest of the netlabel team being my focus group, I know we all like this already), so I want to see what I can do elsewhere. Consider this song a statement of intent for the rest of the album.

Add more sausage fattener! Joke! I feel like i need to hear more dissonance more minor (mood,scale,sad) thing if you like.

Very cool that you sent it to Spinnin - good luck with the ranking! It already received lots of comments by fellow submitters as it seems hehe.
Good short description, too - I’m not sure about the future label since it might affect expectations, but when explictily combining it with old school house it makes a lot of sense and also makes it more interesting!

I can switch that up. Definitely done that with other songs. The “oldschool” part of this was that I just laid a seventh in chord memory and played a very simple melody with it to make the whole chord progression, so it’s all one chord just going in and out of scale. Same for all the melodies and basslines IIRC.

Now, I know naff all about future house, or most of the current gazillion of sub genres out there. So if I’m talking fluffy toys, don’t worry. So my comments are purely based on my lack of knowledge on the genre, so don’t take what i say the wrong way, it’s just my take on it. It sounds kind of dead. as if there is no air. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like so much is going on around the same frequencies. I don’t know how much compression you’re using. I think I can hear some side chain going on, but it does sound a tad squashed to my ears. Although most stuff does nowadays.That’s because I don’t use compression at all, unless I’m singing, and that’s it. I don’t like to use it then, but most the time I have to. Like I say take it with a pinch of salt, as that’s probably the sound of the genre.

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Been very busy, so I saw this and I’ve had time to think about what might have caused it. And I think it was a lot of little things. I used a dedicated sub, which I don’t usually do. I tried running my bass through my drum bus just to see what that would do, and I liked it. So my bass and drums (and maybe sub?) are all compressed together (this is after sidechaining stuff elsewhere). I was probably trying to leave room for the top end of the synths. I kept the hats tightly mixed (where I usually throw a hipass and a sidechain on them and call it a day). And about a dozen other little things I don’t remember that made this thing what it is. I think that’s part sound of the genre, part compromises on my end to give the mix focus on those sounds front and center.