HoF Inductions

So, the R&R HoF is pretty irrelevant with regard to electronic music (and maybe everything else too), but their obvious prejudice against electronic music has always bugged me. I always knew there was going to come a day when they’d be forced to induct electronic musicians or ignore much of the '80s and '90s.

Well, it’s finally happening. Depeche Mode and Trent Reznor are being inducted. Kraftwerk was oddly passed over again, but surely they’ll be in soon enough. Boomers may be finally giving way to GenX at the HoF.

I mean, it is the Rock and Roll HoF. But I’m happy to see both those acts get in. Also…I love Whitney Houston…but how the fuck did she get in? Why were other acts turned over for someone who only ever made pop music that wasn’t even remotely R&R?

Yeah, but this is the kind of problem that you have when you’re running a HoF dedicated to a genre that pretty much died off the charts decades ago :slight_smile:

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It’s just a celebration of industry chart leaders that enjoy a period of 5/whatever years of top selling albums…

Who cares about genre anyway…adele…maroon 5…kanye…are next…I will laugh if meshuggah ever gets in…

As Relic said, it’s rock and roll. They should probably stay in their lane, it’s better that way

@bfk Oh god, Meshuggah hits dad-rock level. I can just see the loudwire headline :rofl:

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i dont care this is still best metal video ive ever seen hands down…i mean just look at air guitar that is some mean air guitar omg…and that pen mic

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I mean, I think there is a clear line between both the music of Depeche Mode and NiN to rock and roll and I I think you can point right at songs both bands wrote and say that’s rock. Whitney Houston not even close IMO.

But as stated it is a super wanky industry thing. I heard some weridness about Whitney getting in and the fan vote–her fan vote was very low compared to all previous inductees.

True, DM have done lots of bluesy alt rock tracks and there’d be no NIN without metal.

But they’ve been inducting hip-hop acts for a while now, and the only one I can think of that’s actually related to rock is Run-DMC.

At the end of the day they have to deal with what’s popular on the charts.


To be fair, rock originated from some of the same things that hip hop did. While they’re not a 1 to 1 comparison and could have one without the other, the elements are there.

So it is more of a nod to the origins of rock, than rock and roll itself. Stuff such as jazz, the blues, etc.

Rock and roll is a polluted term anyway. As is Hip Hop. Shit…all genres for that matter.

I listen to a genre called music.